P-WRC: Rallye Automobile Monte Carlo

In the new season of P-WRC there are many new fast drivers. Arrived at the rallys start are a total of 26 drivers. Such a high count of contestants in P-WRC class in RBREL has never been seen before. In start there are many new drivers and old ones too as there are guest drivers. From the old drivers there is Tarvo Allmere, Guido Veek and Kristjan Priilinn. A big surprise is that Guido Veek is driving in P-WRC, because his plans last season was to go to wrc, but there werenet any wrc teams interested in him. And a nice surprise is that last seasons one of the best Kuldar Helu is going to drive in P-WRC this season. Its gonna be an exciting rally.

Day 1

SS 1 - SS 2
In days first stage Mart Kivimets who has joined RBREL this season surprises the howl community by driving a best times worthy drive. The debutant had few words though :”found a good feeling”, his time was 6:08.87. He was followed by Kristjan Priilinn 6:09.65, Tarvo Allmere 6.14.36. Guido Veek only managed a 13.spot time, his comments were : “NO PIIP, what can you want when its the first time when you are driving with spikes on asphalt”. In days second stage again fast was Kivimets beating Marek Kuuske by a small margiò, only 0.04sec, the times respectively 3:14.80 and 3:14.84. The third time was Kristjan Priilinn’s and it was 3.14.89, the margins are very small as you can see, and the driving is fast. It looks like there is a new contender in P-WRC, its Mart Kivimets.

SS 3 – SS 5
In the 3rd stage our guest driver, pre seasons test winner Renars Ostrovskis shows his speed and wins this stage with 7:07.50, he was followed by Krisjan and Kristen Priilinns, times respectively 7:11.55 and 7:14.19. In this stage Mart Kivimets lost the top spot, he made a mistake and had a 7th time. Kirsten Priilinn :”The beginning was superb, but the ending not so good”. Guido Veek still cant find his tempo, who gets a 10th in this stage and is 12th overall. In 4th stage Kristjan Priilinn got his first stage win this season with time 3:10.02. He was followed by Tarvo Allmere 3:10.80 :”I drive as slow as I can!! Just dont have the courage to go faster. To drive fast here you need to have golden “kerad” ” 3rd time was Kristen Priilinns 3:13.39. At days ending Rait Vakroom showed a best time in 5th stage , 6:21.87. He was followed by his teammates Kristjan Priilinn and Tarvo Allmere, times respectively 6:26.16 and 6:27.53. Vakroom: ”Lifes drive was like there within a moment. If all stages could be like this one, at least to the miserable days ending there was a good stage win”

Results after Day1 (TOP 15):
01. Kristjan Priilinn 26:12.27
02. Renars Ostrovkis (LAT) +18.17
03. Tarvo Allmere +21.34
04. Kristen Priilinn +30.94
05. Mart Kivimets +38.78
06. Siim Nõmme +52.29
07. Rait Vakrõõm +1:48.90
08. Kalvi Kesa +1:51.54
09. Kuldar Helü +2:19.12
10. Guido Veek +2:21.93
11. Neeme Esko +2:38.15
12. Martti Ruus +2:53.58
13. Peeter Karolin +3:10.30
14. Jaan Jänes +3:42.02
15. Kevin Puntso +3:46.94

First days summary:
It is pleasant to see that this season too has brought in fast drivers, like Mart Kivimets has proved, although he is in 5th place now, but 2-5 places are very close indeed, and in Monte Carlo anything can happen. Kristjan Priilinn is chasing his first rally win, which was so close last season. As guest driver Ostrovskis is in a very good position, who surely is aiming for the RBREL P-WRC individual title. It is sad to see last seasons with style contender Guido Veegi struggle in the middle of the table, when he is fighting with Wrc classes big shot Kuldar Heluga. Guessing that with the next day, there will be many mistakes, because it is a very tricky and hard rally..

Day 2

SS 6 – SS7
Tarvo Allmere begins the day very good, when he wins the days opening stage with his time 4:59.27, he is followed by Kristjan Priilinn 5:02.29 and Renars Ostrovskis 5:02.73. Ostrovskis:”the last split was bad”. With SS6 Allmere passed Ostrovskis, but they were both in one second margin. In days second stage his first win in this class gets Kuldar Helu with 6:16.37, he was followed by Mart Kivimets 6:16.95 and Tarvo Allmere 6:18.54. Kuldar Helu : “This was pretty good”. With days first two stages Kuldar Helu has already rised from 9th to 6th position.

SS 8 – SS 10
After the service a terrific rhytm has been found by Mart Kivimets when he wins ss8 with time 3:13.47, behind him where Kristjan Priilinn 3:16.33 and Tarvo Allmere 3:18.40. Allmere : “Cant go faster at the moment”. In the overall standings the first 4cars have visibly driven away from the others. In days longest stage a superb drive was provided by Renars Ostrovskis 7:01.54, his time blasted both, as Mart Kivimets 7:07.85 as Tarvo Allmeres 7:08.27. Mart Kivimets : “You could push here a little more actually, but last times off made me more carefull”. Days last stage was won by Ostrovskis with 3:09.33, he was followed by Kristjan Priilinn 3:09.59 and Tarvo Allmere 3:09.65, unbelievable, but all three drivers fitted in 0.32 seconds margin, the race was very close. Ostrovskis :”Looks like its all going to go down in day3”

Results after Day 2 (TOP 15)
01. Kristjan Priilinn 51:13.56
02. Renars Ostrovkis (LAT) +14.15
03. Tarvo Allmere +14.18
04. Siim Nõmme +1:22.08
05. Mart Kivimets +1:39.11
06. Kristen Priilinn +2:10.59
07. Kuldar Helü +3:10.10
08. Guido Veek +4:38.04
09. Neeme Esko +4:46.53
10. Martti Ruus +5:30.96
11. Peeter Karolin +5:56.54
12. Ivar Lillemets +8:33.54
13. Miko Niinemäe +8:41.32
14. Marek Kuusk +9:08.38
15. Heigo Reemi +9:16.86

Day 2 summary
Second days best driver was Tarvo Allmere who managed to be in top three in all the second days stages, so getting very close to the rally leader as the second place, with which the margiò stayed very little. In the days last stage, Mart Kivimets made a driving error, who in his debut rally had shown very good speed and is in fifth place now. In the seasons begining joined with P-WRC class, however was last seasons bronx driver Guido Veek has managed to rise 2places to 8tgh in the second day. Days bad luck went to Kristen Priilinn, which fell out of the podium fight to 6th overall, and is over 2min down on the leader. Inherited the 4th place has Siim Nomme, who is there because of his unbelievable stability, the margiò on the leader is big tough, but he can be satisfied with his drive.

Day 3

SS 11 – SS 12
In day 3 drivers could enjoy clean asphalt roads, because the race moved from the tops icy roads, to the lower cleaner roads. In the first stage Kristjan Priilinn uses this with 5:10.04 who stayed uncatchable to others in the days opening stage. He was followed by Tarvo Allmere 5:15.99 and Marek Kuusk 5:17.18. Allmere :”You cant fight with Kristjan here, but I am not satisfied with my drive at all, the driving line was very wrong, I can count on one hands fingers how many times I stayed on the correct racing line” Days biggest news tough are Mart Kivimetsi 5minute penalty, which he got for a very stupid reason. Respectively, the leagues new comer stepped in his nabers car, which was Subaru Imrpeza n12, such a thing is forbiden tough, so he got the big penalty for that. Kivimets fell to 10th position. In days second stage the best time went to Kristjan Priilinn again 4:06.51, he was followed by Mart Kivimets 4:10.95 and Miko Niinemae 4:15.24. Big surprise was Tarvo Allmeres retirement. Allmere: “What da BEEP you want from me, no BEEP BEEP BEEP leave me alone, get da BEEP and everyone go BEEP BEEP BEEP !!!!”

SS 13 – SS15
His might on asphalt was showing Kristjan Priilinn who won ss13 with time 5:08.04, he was followed by Mart Kivimets 5:12.04 and Miko Niinemae 5:14.26. After Allmeres retiring the cruising Ostrovskis :”Just driving”. In ss14 Miko Niinemae get his first stage win 2:42.58 close behind was Kristen Priilinn 2:43.09 and Kristjan Priilinn 2:43.46. In rallys last stage Mart Kivimets who came to start with the wrong car gets a stage win on the dry asphalt 5:45.23 who was followed by Miko Niinemae 5:45.53 and Kristjan Priilinn 5:45.69.

Rally Results
01. Kristjan Priilinn 74:07.30
02. Renars Ostrovkis (LAT) +1:34.59
03. Siim Nõmme +2:26.78
04. Kristen Priilinn +3:02.80
05. Kuldar Helü +6:37.13
06. Guido Veek +6:54.13
07. Mart Kivimets +7:28.00
08. Miko Niinemäe +9:08.20
09. Marek Kuusk +13:06.40
10. Kalvi Kesa +13:17.65
11. Tarmo Tammik +13:55.22
12. Neeme Esko +15:00.20
13. Heigo Reemi +16:35.14
14. Mairo Lille +16:49.55
15. Jaan Jänes +20:33.77
16. Rasmus Niinemäe +21:30.14

Rally Summary:
Extremely exciting last day was waited by everyone, but it had a sad ending, with Allmere retiring on ss12, and Ostrovskis couldnt show the times he was capable of. With that it all was wrapped up and the rally win, which was his carreer first P-WRC win , went to Kristjan Priilinn. The next in line was Ostrovskis, who at the end was over a minute and a half down on the rally leader, but he can be satisfied with the rally nonetheless, because it was his first RBREL rally. In 3rd position finished Siim Nomme who drove just as stabile as the rallys leader, but his stage times were worse, so the loss was over two min. To the rally leader. With theyre P-WRC debut both, Kuldar Helu and Mart Kivimets can be satisfied, Kivimets managed to rise 4places with 4stages in the end, which is a good result. In the last day a good asphalt feeling was shown by Miko Niinemae who in the last day rised from 13th to 8th place, and finished on 4 stages in the top three. The rally can be called a succesful one , because for the first time in P-WRC, the finished drivers were more than there were points.

Tarvo Allmere: Extremely exciting rally it was, but I am very sad that I let the team down by retiring in the stupidest way possible , but it was my fault. The battle in the top three was very strong, very exciting and surprising in fact. I didnt excpect such a good drive from Kristjan, and I am very glad in the end, that in the end Kristjan finally got his rally win, but I promise, that in future I will make wining a rally a very hard thing to do to others. I have to apologize for my emotional text after retiring, the feelings just took over, I apologize to all firstly to my team , who had to accept this failure.

Renars Ostrovskis: bla bla bla pats zini :P

Tarvo Allmere
01. september 2006

05.09.2006 15:00
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