Rule changes!

Many drivers are using Czech tournament plugins live timing system to observe times turing official rally. Therefore, in case to observe results better and to avoid exessive confusion, from next rally Rallisport Challange Rally, official RBREL tournament can be driven with only one main registered tournament pluginname, what is bound to RBREL profile. No duplicate name use will be tolerated and RBREL administration has rights to charge the penalty to driver who brakes the rule. Penalty itself is under vote. Nothing will be changed according trainingdays. You can drive training as many times as you wish and with several accounts. To drive trainingday again, just ask tournament reset as usual.


So another thing, I let you know early, is about plugin username changing rules. Starting from new season 2011 all plugina usernames must be at exact form presented here Lastname Firstname or Firstname Lastname. Names must be real names and must be same as given in RBREL profile. This step is needed for competitor to see exact names from another competitors he/she is running against. Alll who must correct their plugin username is adviced to take early steps to do so.


RBREL Administration

03.10.2010 15:44
Vaadatud 1009 korda