Important. New rules changes!

After many unwanted problems and more rapidly increasing number of protest are the basis for new rules changes. Beneath written rules changes take effect immidiately, starting from Rally New Zealand in season 2010 I.

1) Protest regulations. Protest can be presented from start of a rally until 24 hours from last rally day. Protest must be written to specific rally forum, there protest message must include driver name to against whom this protest is targeted, cause of the protest. In case of cuting, rally day and number of the special stage must be included also.

2) Publishing official results. Official results will not be put out before 24 hours from last rally day or in first available opportunity after all protests and results are processed.

3) Driving regulations changes. New statment is "3.3 The rallies take place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Driving rally days earlier or later than allowed is not allowed.
If by any chance some later leg is opened earlier then it's not allowed to drive, driving it outside the proper time, you will be disqualified."
4) Cutting regulations. New statment is "3.8 While driving at least two wheels have to stay on the road, it means that cutting is forbidden. In case of cutting time penalty is given. Size of the penalty is 20 seconds on each proven cutting. Cuttings are taken under investigation only if protest is presented properly."

5) Replay uploading regulations. New statment is "3.7 After each leg (or after the rally or 24 hours from last rally day) every driver has to upload all the replays from a specific link to the website. If someone has not done that, then time penalty will be given. Size of the penalty is 5 minutes on each missing day, no exceptions made."

6) Reset request regulations. New statment is "3.9 Reset requests may submitted on the following occasions: 1) The game has crashed between two stages, it means that the reason for retirement is being stated as „Did not start to SS..“ 2) Plugin server is down while driving."

7) Regulations for giving reset requests. New statment is "3.10 Reset requests are only processed then someone from stuff appointed personal is here to give them. Giving requests is no longer obligatory."


RBREL Management

07.04.2010 21:58
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