Marek Sepp won the rally on icy Monte Carlo roads...

...Season 2006 started with a new rally- Monte Carlo. Rally was driven on twisty and icy mountain roads. It was very demanding for drivers, because they had to concentrate 100% in order not to crash out. Monte Carlo roads are very tricky and you never know where is slippery places, so no driving errors are allowed. There were 40 cars in the start of the rally.
Monte Carlo, new season, new rally. As always before the rally, drivers talk about their expetations. Most confident was Mihkel Kütt, who said that he will win this rally. There was some other drivers, who wanted the first place like Marek Sepp and Vahur Huntsaar. Seasons first stage win went to Toyota, driven by Huntsaar. On first day the competition were quite close and nobody had very big gap. Fastest driver was Huntsaar, but because of little mistake he lost many valuable seconds and so Sepp took the first place after first day. Second day was a bit different. Because of little mistakes, drivers switched their places quite often.
When first and second day was slippery and icy, then third day was driven on dry tarmac. Competition to the points was quite close and gap between few drivers were only few tenths of a second. Closest fight was for the third place. After all this action, Marek Sepp took the first place. Once again he proved, that it`s really hard to beat him. Second place went to Vahur Huntsaar, who was really fast, but one mistake took the possibility to compete with Sepp. Closest competition was to the places from 3 to 6 and results were: Sven Süld, Indrek Simmer, Rait Helü, Mihkel Kütt.
This season there are also JWRC and GrpN competition. Four drivers finished the rally in JWRC: Vakrõõm, Sulg, Riismaa, Janno. Only man who managed to finish in GrpN was Vasar.

Comments from the winner of Monte Carlo rally Marek Sepp: "Last day was quite good. Found a good rythm and pushed really hard on some stages, because feeling was real good. Have to admint that Vahur was faster than me on first and second day, but he lost valuable seconds because of that little crash. It`s good to see that Sven managed to get a podium finish, for the Subaru it was very good start to the season."

Monte Carlo Rally results:

1. SEPP Marek 70:06.76 20p
2. HUNTSAAR Vahur +41.40 16p
3. SÜLD Sven +2:05.58 14p
4. SIMMER Indrek +2:39.71 12p
5. HELÜ Rait +2:40.47 11p
6. KÜTT Mihkel +2:55.79 10p
7. IVASIK Sergei +3:39.63 9p
8. VARIK Haigo +3:41.96 8p
9. PAAVEL Tarmo +5:17.35 7p
10. TUUKSAM Anar +6:34.91 6p
11. KINSIVEER Kaspar +6:35.31 5p
12. VEEK Vaido +6:46.70 4p
13. KÜTNER Jürgen +10:34.05 3p
14. KASESALU Tanel +11:31.45 2p
15. JÜRIÖÖ Alari +12:03.99 1p

11.02.2006 21:31
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